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Our experts at SimplexHealth have put this guide with the most common questions about Water TestingHealth & Body Testing,  Alkaline Diet Magnetic Therapy  together for you.

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Water Testing Free Online Resources:

Swimming, open water swimming, pools & hot tubs:

Commercial Applications for Water Testing:

  • Buyers Guide – Water Testing on vessels, ships as well as water tanks in remote locations

For other applications, like water testing for pools & aquariums etc. you can also search our ‘Browse by Use’ – Menu.

We offer water test kits which contain a range of different tests to give you a wide overview of the quality of your water. To test water:

  • Field / Home (single use) Tests: Click here to compare our multi-packs. Click here to view the full range of single use tests.
  • Laboratory Tests: Click here to compare our multi-test-kits. Click here to view the full range of laboratory tests.
  • Photometers: Click here to compare our range of photometers. Click here to view the full range.

Download our Free Water Guide, containing the most frequently asked questions:

  • What are the most commonly found elements in our drinking water?
  • How to look after the water and water systems in your home
  • Unusual colours, smell and taste of your water and how to identify the potential source
  • When and why test drinking water from the tap or a private water source
  • Understanding the results of your Home Water Testing kit
  • Lead in drinking water and what immediate steps can be taken to reduce lead exposure
  • Quick Product Finder
  • Top Tips on how to keep the water in your home safe

Click here to download your Free Water Guide

Health & Body Testing Free Online Resources:

Alkaline Diet Free Online Resources:

Download our Free Alkaline Diet Food Chart:

  • Acidic and Alkaline Foods: Check if your diet contains sufficient alkaline food groups

Click here to download your Free Alkaline Food Chart

Magnetic Therapy

  • Click here to read more about Magnet Therapy (also called magnetic therapy or magnotherapy) & how it works.
  • Usually products are chosen depending on the areas of the body which are to be targeted. Click here to see which type of magnetic therapy product may help certain conditions.
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