Coliform bacteria are a commonly used bacterial indicator of sanitary quality of water. Use the easy-to-use and reliable test kits to test water for bacteria:

  • SimplexHealth Water Bacteria Test: detects harmful coliform bacteria with simultanuous E.coli detection. Easy to use presence/absence test of 1CFU per 100ml, contains 1 test.
  • Watersafe Bacteria Test Kit: detects harmful coliform bacteria in drinking water. Easy to use presence/absence test.
  • Hydrosense Rapid Legionella Test: innovative test kit to check for Legionella bacteria, no training or expertise required. Contains 1 test.
  • Pool & Spa Bacteria Test: designed to test E.coli, Pseudomonas and many other forms of bacteria in pools & spa within 15 minutes. Contains 10 test strips.

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