Why test your water & water supply?

There are many reasons why you may want to test the water supply in your home or business. Water can be made up of a wide range of substances or organisms. They are not necessarily harmful, but may become a contaminant or a nuisance at higher levels. Most contaminants in water cannot be detected by smell, taste or sight.

It is recommended to test drinking water when:

  • Your water supply is private, ie. comes from a well in your garden, routine tests should be carried out regularly
  • There are recurring incidents of gastrointestinal illness within your family
  • You are buying a new home or renting a new property
  • Water stains plumbing fixtures and/or laundry, ie green or reddish stains
  • Water has an objectionable taste or smell
  • Water appears cloudy, frothy, or coloured
  • Pipes or plumbing show signs of corrosion
  • Water leaves scaly residues or household appliances don’t appear to be working efficiently
  • Water supply equipment (pump, chlorinators, etc.) wear rapidly
  • A water softener or water filter/improvement system has recently been installed
  • You know or suspect that you may have lead pipes, fittings or solder joints (more information about Testing for Lead and how to reduce lead exposure)

Click here to find out about common drinking water contaminants.

Water testing kits are ideal for:

  • An effective and simple way of checking the performance of new water purification or water filter systems before and after-installation
  • Suitable for regular (annual) performance checks for home water purification and filter systems
  • Screening tests for private water supplies
  • Useful when problems with water have been detected, ie. through smells or discolouration
  • Able to provide instant results – without having to wait for laboratory results
  • A reliable initial indication about a potential contamination as well as an indication of the level of it – in your home

We offer a wide range of different water testing kits:

SimplexHealth Complete Water Quality Test Kit 12-in-One

One of our most comprehensive tests to check well water is the 12-in-One, which tests 12 different contaminants, incl. coliform bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, total hardness, total alkalinity, total chlorine, free chlorine, copper, sulfate, iron & pH. We also offer a 10-in-One which can be used to test 1 water sample for 10 different contaminants. To compare our multi-packs of water testing kits, please check our comparison page.

Sometimes, there are also visual signs which can help establish problems with water quality, including look, smell or taste. Our free resource may help you.

Click here to chose the right water test kit for a water filter/improvement system, water cooler, hot tub.

Single parameter tests: testing many different elements in water.

Contact us if you are not sure which water testing kit is the right one for you.


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There are strict standards for the quality of drinking water within Europe mainly laid down in the EU Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC). These are based on advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO).